Las room 521 experiments


Firstly, laboratory research Corporation and development Asphlat Vietnam would like to send you my greetings and best regards health wishes!

Laboratory of materials and quality control of works in company research and development Asphlat Vietnam was established on 4 December, 2014 by the planning and investment in Hanoi City.

Company laboratory research and development Asphlat Vietnam investment shops were the modern equipment, ensures high accuracy and measurement Center has been in the General Directorate for standards and quality of The SCIENCE the calibration test. The company thuường TRANS shops, the addition of new, modern equipment.
The force of officers and workers in the lab are the engineers, technicians are formal training, articles, is the rich experience in the field of construction material testing, engineering and inspection of construction works, the company often facilitates the fostering, training and transfer of new technologies.

Qualified laboratory and equipment for performing laboratory and field works in the fields of construction, transportation, etc.
With the aim of prestige, quality, schedule, lab materials and quality control of works LAS-XD 521, company research and development Asphlat Vietnam ready to serve investors, partners in need of experiments.

We pledge to perform experiments that meet the technical requirements, quality, schedule.

To convenient for understanding and choice of the customer, we are pleased to send you the customer profiles with full information about the laboratory