Minister Truong Quang Nghia motorway urge schedule Da Nang – Quang Ngai

This morning (10/6), Minister Truong Quang Nghia led the delegation of Ministry of Transportation to inspect the scene, the progress of the capital Package WB highway project Danang-Quang Ngai. 74,2km long segment of this project (Km65-Km139 + 204) with 6 Package, including 5 major construction package due to the deployment of international contractors.

Ministerial Steering VEC, the functional units to strictly control the disbursement between main contractors and subcontractors

However, according to Mr. Mai Tuan Anh, general director of investment and development company expressway Vietnam (VEC, the investor of the project), compared with capital passage packages JICA (Km0-Km65), forward section of the bank does not meet the requirements. All this construction package is “dropped” progress, a month later than planned adjusted, only reaches 32% (delayed on less than 3%).

Tuan Anh said the project management unit was counting tight schedule, the contractor does not meet the requirements were cut transfer personnel. To date, 2 contractors Lotte, Posco has replaced CEO 2nd project but which do not meet, VEC will continue to warn, require replacement. All subcontractors fail to meet the capacity, within 3 months of unit testing and evaluation to adjust.

“We require updating, tallying daily schedule, weekly, direct the contractor to accelerate internal working now, disbursement,” Tuan Anh said. However, Tuan Anh said that due to scarcity of material resources, the coordination between foreign main contractors and subcontractors Vietnam are not synchronized, the obstacles clearance (clearance) … making progress WB packages did not meet the plan. Representatives of international contractors local recommendations should soon finalize ground obstacles in place to ensure continuous construction.

However, there was at the scene inspection and the meeting between the Ministry of Transport – 10/6 morning Quang Ngai province, said Dang Van Minh, Director of Quang Ngai Department of Transportation report, currently over 90% of project sections WB be hand over, only to be stuck in some small sections. VEC coordinating local and good ground clearance, only incurred a number of recommendations related to people’s canals, irrigation, underground drain … However, foreign contractors or vin here to make excuses. Especially as Package A5 (contractor Posco) was handed in by a large but limited construction. Errors also due to weakness of the construction contractor.

Shared objective difficulties of the project, the Minister Truong Quang Nghia steering VEC, PMU, the functional units, the contractor must have the solution counting, offset sub tempo, volume controlled shock. International Bidders must be worthy of the brand. Leaders of the Ministry of Transport note to investors disbursement closely between main contractors and subcontractors. International bidders names but Vietnam subcontractors on construction, if not paid promptly, the construction unit will lack resources.

Problems arising premises, Minister Truong Quang Nghia steering VEC, the contractor in close coordination with local authorities. Ministers suggested the provincial leaders in their respective jurisdiction actively unhandled problems arise, problems soon hand over clean for the project.

According to Deputy Minister Le Dinh Tho, the project requires local highway construction have continued without interruption is to ensure the progress and the highest quality. If the ground does not guarantee it will be difficult to implement continuously. Quang Ngai experience should promote clearance from the National Road 1 to implement the project.

Deputy Director of Department of Construction Management and construction quality (MOT) Duong Viet Roan require contractors controlled disbursement process, evaluation of reserves, quality and proactively gathering source material.

Conclude. Ministers noted the project consultants “must be rated, commented decisively with the contractor, the contractor warned the slow progress”. VEC-side with local initiative to solve completely the problems arising with people on the road, irrigation and transportation. “The construction of parallel processing to these issues, not to handle new finish line”, the Minister said.

Xuan Huy