SBS resins

Asphalt additives introduction SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Copolymer)

There are many types of plastic improvement additives to enhance the capability of defending against subsidence BTN as SBS, SYNTHETIC SBR, TPP, … which is the most economical and popular additives SBS (STYRENE-BUTADIENE-STYRENE). To the process of polymerization of asphalt by SBS additives have the way as mixing in plant, mixed with the resin in the station and mixed with aggregates in producing the BTN in batching. Analysis on technical-economic accord with the conditions of the existing technology and equipment in Vietnam, the research group developed methods of mixing station SBS when producing BTN. This method has been applied to good results in a number of projects and the Ministry of transport was allowed to experiment in new projects lately.

Source SBS by 3 production company: LCY Chemical companies Industry Corp (Taiwan), factories in China; Production company: Dynasol (Spain), factories in the EU; Production company: Kraton (Japan), the factory in NhậtBản

Technical characteristics: increased resistance to flattening of asphalt concrete, improve speed stick sticking between stone and plastic. SBS additives granular white.

Known as the main additive mixed with bitumen 60/70 forms of plastic polymers

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