Company information

Corporation CIEC Global was established on February 20, 2012 by the Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi.

1. Name Transaction
Vietnamese name: Corporation CIEC Global
Address: Village of Van Con – Van Con Commune – Hoai Duc District – Hanoi

2.Business Address:
493 Nguyen Trai Street, 3rd floor, G10, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City
Phone: 043.225.2670 – 043.552.8539
Account number:
Tax code: 0105796195

3.Established: 2012

4.Development processes of the company

The first words Corporation CIEC Global customers to send you best wishes.
Experiencing the process of building, developing and mature now Corporation CIEC Global is one of the top units in the construction of the transport infrastructure, purchasing, leasing, maintenance equipment repair works, Asphalt Asphalt production, plastic polymers, emulsions and construction materials.

So far the company has invested a lot of equipment and construction machine suitable modern with new technology, new techniques are highly effective, to increase the proportion of mechanization in the construction of the project works and labor productivity growth, production capacity and product quality.
Company special attention to the training and build a team of engineers, technicians, managers skilled professionals in all fields to serve the correct depth business areas of the company.

CIEC Global has a team of managers, technical workers skilled, carefully chosen, always receptive to innovative technologies along with the dynamic, sensible exposure to emerging markets companies have initially gained the confidence of customers, gradually accelerating growth and accumulation of units.