Polymer production

I/Plastic manufacturing processes PMB III:

1. The material

Materials for the process used bitumen polymer innovation consists of the bitumen 60/70 and the kind of progress needed chấtcải.
2. Device:

  • Mixed systems are modern high speed milling (High Shear Mixing)
  • Heat supply parts
  • Air compressor
  • () Exchanger heat
  • The pump provides the material
  • Speed meter provides the material
  • The control valve
  • Electronic tracking devices
  • The tank
  • Weight

3. Bitumen polymer manufacturing process improvements
The plastic production process was started with the hot asphalt drying 60/70 up to about 180 C ᵒ -190 mixed with the additive. The mixture will be stirring the mix by a system of modern altitude hair Crusher. Before the materials are put in to mixing, auto balance system will put the volume of each batch of mix. Controlling the speed syndicate material also be controlled in the mixing process. For each batch of the mixing progress
try the following important technical criteria and the necessary adjustments to fit the required quality. Finally, plastic products will be put into tanks.

Production process.

II/plastic construction and production use PMB III:

1. Production of plastic concrete

The production of plastic concrete use asphalt PMB III is similar to the production of plastic concrete use bitumen, in the batching or continuous mixing
mixing temperature should range from 165-175 ᵒ C.
2. Conservation and transport of plastic concrete
Concrete mixture may be contained in the lot Poker or are discharged directly into cars to transport the school should Government sealed tent to ensure temperature when out to the market.
Do not store the mixture in asphalt concrete of about 170-180oC too 4 hours.
3. Construction
You can use regular carpet machine for plastic concrete use PMB III similar to use with regular asphalt concrete. However, should save y that should adjust the temperature your carpet suitable for PMB III has a higher viscosity than ordinary plastic. Do not store the machine in asphalt concrete laying in wait time and so do the sanitary conveyor systems, intestines of chickens after finishing construction.
4. Intermittent compression
The optimal temperature for the compression of plastic concrete in dam process using PMBIII tai construction from 140-160 ᵒ C. Should proceed with the dam was asphalt concrete road surface scattered because of the viscosity of PMB III is higher than usual and asphalt are scattered completed before xuóng asphalt concrete under ᵒ 125 C. The intermittent compression which can enable the type of lu Jing straight e.g. conventional steel-wheel lu types. In case of need, can use fast car tire cake intermittent compression to lu after lu with steel wheels were to improve the road surface. Because of the technical and environmental reasons, it is recommended to use water to spray the stick wheels of steel wheels roller/roller wheel, note the use of asphalt concrete mixture PMBIII will stick than regular asphalt concrete. For the type of tyre, wheel roller may use a minimum amount of cooking oil, white oil illuminate on the tire to quickly stick in original time and continue to use the water after lu has warm up should clean the gear tire during lu started intermittent compression until the tire has to warm up

III/experimental procedures with plastic PMB III:

  • Sample in the laboratory
    Easy to use and as a component in doing experiments, which can take from 1 to 4 liters model PMB III for new metal box, clean and with a lid. Before sampling, to heat the PMB III in the noise up to 170-180 C ᵒ temperature, then stir the mix by stirring or circulatory pump impeller. In asphalt concrete mixing, can sample through the sampling valve is located on
    plastic supply pipe. Note safety reasons right off the pump before sampling and pipe/drain valve must be ensure to not be confused with other asphalt types.
  • Use the form in the laboratory
    Heat the PMB 165 – 180 to ᵒ III C, the stove should be places under the Cabinet and note heat not too temperature 180 C ᵒ. When the temperature reaches above, stirring real form before rótvào the experiments, and have thểdùng the smaller box to shorten the preparation time.
    Plastic concrete form
    When mixing asphalt samples, mixing temperatures in the range of 165-175 ᵒ C, so controlling the temperature closely and do not use the device directly on the concrete form of plastic.
    The temperature in the compressed form swamp Marshall model in the range 150-165 ᵒ

IV/temperature indicators recommended when using asphalt PMB III

1. The process exists to contain and store 

  • Stored for short periods (3 to 5 days): 170-185 ᵒ C   
  • Stored in a long time (2 weeks): < 1500C 
  • Archive for long periods (greater than 2 weeks): ᵒ C 1000 <

In the process of archiving, PMB is recommended should limit the thermal process.

2. Recommended temperature should use

  • Temperature mix: 165-1750C (does not exceed 1850 ᵒ C) g
  • The temperature spread and intermittent compression: 150-165 ᵒ C.
  • Intermittent compression temperature limit: 125-130 ᵒ C.