Construction of road surface recycling

Regular maintenance of road works is technical operations are conducted regularly and management activities necessary to prevent and correct promptly the small damage of road works. Regular maintenance to minimize damage from development into great disrepair. This work is conducted regularly, daily, continuously throughout the year on the whole project, to ensure the road transportation is safe, smoothly and smooth.

In a few decades along with the goal of industrialization and modernization of the country, demand for building materials in the construction industry, particularly in road and bridge construction industry growing fast in number as well as the quality of the material. Meanwhile, the supply of natural materials is increasingly exhausted along the difficulty in exploiting, located far transportation and affect the surrounding environment. Therefore, with the trend of modernization, globalization, science and technology application, the advanced technology of the countries of the world on the fields of our country’s practical needs, plus the target use efficiency, to save material in construction industry transportation in Vietnam is imperative.

In fact the cost of maintenance management, maintenance and upgrading of road surface according to tradition in Vietnam is huge, however the efficiency of extraction is not high (after a period of exploitation of asphalt will be degraded and warped phenomena arise on, cracking or potholes, the subclass and on side of the road a more thick).

So, scratch solution recycling peeling in general are suitable for projects to renovate, repair and upgrade the road surface. Particularly for the highway or the road of the town, to make sure the criteria do not do road exalt, scraping peeling solution recycling can remove the peeling part thickness layer of pavement were damaged, then recycling and alternative coating layer under layer BTN’s new up on to continue to exploit that does not affect the existing road surface intensity.