Production of plastic concrete

Asphalt asphalt concrete production

Hot asphalt concrete (concrete or Asphalt) is composed of the mixture levels include: stone, sand, mineral powder and asphalt, used mainly for road surface texture is soft. Produced in the hot asphalt concrete mixing stations.

Production process of concrete nhưa hot:
-Produced in the hot asphalt-concrete mixing plant.
The material is transported up and needs by weighing systems to ensure accuracy, the error small.
-Then, materials such as: large rocks, small stones, sand, stone, mixed dry additives together are put into into the mixing chamber.
-Games about 20s longer with spray spray mix bitumen is on in the form of fog mixed with other materials, the mixing impeller in mixing chamber continues to stir the mix in time about 25-30 seconds then be discharged down through the outlet of the mixing chamber.

Sort: hot asphalt concrete but include the following categories:
-Hot asphalt concrete generally: is a mixture composed of mixed aggregates (crushed stone, sand, mineral powder) and Binder (bitumen 60/70) uniform mixed together according to a certain rate at temperature conditions allow. Plastic concrete mixtures were used to carpet the surface layer of the road to protect the lower background purpose the avoidance of direct impact from the environment and transportation.
-Hot plastic Polymer concrete: concrete is a kind of special plastic with adhesive is tar polymer, designed according to the standard 22 BC 356-6 aims to improve some working characteristics of normal asphalt concrete to the application in the traffic engineering requirements.

Asphalt concrete
The process of carpet hot asphalt concrete:
1. Scattered pilot.
2. Construction of plastic concrete.
3. Lu lèn plastic concrete.
Technical standards: 
Hot asphalt Concrete products has always been intensive auditing through the tracking process, check and test directly in the technical rooms in the factory and technical research Department of the company. Thus the factory products are satisfied the technical requirements and quality including:
-Satisfy the requirements of the Vietnam standards (ISO), the American standards (ASTM) and British standards (BS)
-Production management system and concrete supply line with ISO 9001:200

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